Nailbiter, Vol. 1 – There Will Be Blood (is a much better movie than this is a comic); by Joshua Williamson

Nailbiter, Vol. 1: There Will Be BloodNailbiter, Vol. 1: There Will Be Blood by Joshua Williamson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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OK so Nailbiter almost lost me in the first few pages because it was just gross, and the kinda eww like papercuts in the spaces between your fingers and toes (EEEEEEE I’m squirming). I swallowed and pushed on through, and got into the story.

As others of my GR friends had commented already, this book owes much to the Silence of the Lambs and Scream…one is a masterful character study/thriller, the other is a shock horror/comedy. Nailbiter is neither of these things.
It’s a poor copy.

The characters aren’t given much time to be fleshed out, because they are running around after killers and always caught reacting and being 2 steps behind.

The Nailbiter himself is the most prolific serial killer in US history (other than legalized government agents) who got off scott free…Ya I don’t think so. Of course, one of the cops is a government specialist in “information extraction” ie. torture…but he never does much other than throw a few people around and scuffle with killers. I haven’t seen an ounce of torture skills or anything that makes me think this guy is anything special.

The Local Chief is a strong female character (with air quotes) who, of course, went to Prom with the Nailbiter…and he still loves to flirt with her. I’m sorry, you don’t think they’d get someone else from another town with no history to be the head of police? I mean really…

Everyone is suspect, from the grandson of the first serial killer the town produced (who runs a macabre store profiteering off the suffering of others) all the way down to anyone in town at all. There’s nearly no one to trust, and bodies start to pile up…

Also, the idea that one town produced 16 serial killers? That’s nuts. Were that actually the case, there would be law enforcement agents there in deep cover 24/7 and the government would probably have sterilized all the populace, and I assume most people would have moved away…but no.

Either way, there’s enough red herrings to start a fishmonger, and there seems to be a mystery figure pulling all the strings…making locals participate in bloody murders, and setting the detectives up for a final ending.

The end of the first Volume is mildly interesting enough for me to feel like it saved just a touch of potential…the actions of certain people aren’t what we expected, and some people show up who we thought were long gone. (That and one of the baddies at the end was kinda actually spooky!)

We’re left with everything up in the air for the next volume…I don’t imagine that I’ll rush out to find it, but if it shows up at the library, I might check it out to see what happens.

I generously give this 2.5+ stars, because it is fairly derivative of it’s sources, and there’s a lack of originality or character development, but for some reason I found myself mildly re-interested by the final chapter. It’s by no means awesome, but I was like…OK I’ll suspend my disbelief long enough to give you one more chance… (I’m very generous like that, but I’ve been on a horrid run lately, so mild interest is a lot better than flat out disdain I’ve felt for many other books lately).

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