Review: Minimum Wage Vol. 1 – Focus on the Strange, by some New Yorker who thinks being a loser is cool.

Minimum Wage Volume 1: Focus on the StrangeMinimum Wage Volume 1: Focus on the Strange by Bob Fingerman
My rating: 1 of 5 stars


***I will keep doing INDY WEEK stuff, as I don’t have any FF on hand, and the library I’ve read all of them***

A Whiny main character who’s moved back in with his mother after his split/impending divorce from his wife.

A 25 year old protagonist who’s friends are all fucking morons who think having sex or a regular girl will solve all the problems.

Emo before emo, as in woe is me I’m so down and sad but that’s art man.

Rather offensive homophobia runs rampant in this book as well, numerous times characters make fun of male friendships being “homo” or whatnot. Being very sure to avoid anything which might make someone else think you’re gay, being REALLY worried about complete strangers and their opinions.

Oh and of course, the casual racism. Cab drivers wear turbans; all Jewish girls are actually sluts who love Bacon; and so on.

Oh and there’s a lot of sex.

So if you’re 15, this might appeal to you. But if you’ve ever actually touched a boobie? I think you might be beyond this.

All the women are portrayed as weirdos and in a negative light, and even though the main character has sexual relationships with 3 different women over the course of a few months, they all seem to be the ones who are made to look like the strange ones, but he, the loser who needs to move out of mom’s place, isn’t?

I just don’t want to read about schlubs. No schmucks, no losers, no pre-definition hipsters, or neurotic obsessives. All his friends are mostly dicks, and his best friend is more interested in getting laid by a former TV star than anything.

This just screams early 90s, when it might have passed for edgy or artsy; here it just seems lame and one-dimensional.

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