Review: Dexter Down Under, by Jeff (not familiar with the concept of research) Lindsay

Dexter Down Under (Dexter Down Under, #1-5)Dexter Down Under by Jeff Lindsay
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Do you like Dexter? Then don’t read this.

Do you know ANYTHING about Australia? Then don’t read this.

Are you Australian? PLEASE don’t read this.

Do you have a brain? Well you can probably guess what follows…

I like Fosters, Koala bears are nifty MATE! Lets blow digeridoos at Ayers Rock after we be racists!

Apparently all Australia is is drunks and racists…who talk funny and drive weird…

Jeff Lindsay, that was the laziest attempt at cashing in on your famous character yet…also WAYY creepy incest tones…

Oh, and are you familiar with Wikipedia Jeff? Try learning more than 3 stereotypes about a place before you write about it.

Oh and, if there’s a murder in Australia, and you want a blood spatter expert from Miami to fly in, the crime scene isn’t STILL GOING TO HAVE BODIES THERE WHEN HE ARRIVES!!! THE FLIGHT IS LIKE 20 HOURS!


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