Review: She-Hulk, Vol. 1: Law and Disorder by Charles Soule, Javier Pulido (Illustrator), Ron Wimberly (Illustrator)

She-Hulk, Vol. 1: Law and DisorderShe-Hulk, Vol. 1: Law and Disorder by Charles Soule

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2.5 stars

Pink Taco Buddy read with my fellow Shallow Readers!
Criteria? Chicks as the title character or in a leading role.


It’s time for me to feel lonely, I guess. And guys? I am so sorry!
I mean it! I feel HORRIBLE! I know that literally everyone else loved this (I checked…twice!), but I just didn’t think it was all that awesome.

Ok. The very first issue was great, and if I’d reviewed that by itself, I would have given it 4 stars. Easy.
She-Hulk does cute stuff, gets fired, helps out a villain’s widow, and gets enough money to set up a low-rent law firm.

Was I in love with the art?
Not so much.
But it was whimsical, and it fit in with the sort of silly/fun first couple of issues, so it was ok. The stories still weren’t WOWing me, but they were alright.
There was a Dr. Doom thing that led Jen to a meet with Daredevil for advice, and it was cute. I didn’t really care about the outcome of the plot, but it was Cute!


Then it wasn’t cute.
There just aren’t even enough words out there for me to express my displeasure. I HATED the art in the last few issues.
Please, pleasepleaseplease! Will somebody tell me that they are seeing the same thing that I am?!
Are you seriously telling me you didn’t notice this?

What. The. Fuck?!

Again! THE FUCK?!

I can’t even…

The entire time I’m reading this I’m internally screaming, “What the hell is that stupid top-knot on her head?!“.
Did no one else have a reaction to the fact that Jen looked like a man with a penchant for granny buns?
You know what? Every time I look at that art, it just pisses me off.
I’m actually UPSET right now from having to copy and paste the links!
And, yes, I understand that I must sound like a crazy person.
*pant, pant*
See, this was going to be part of my Green buddy read, but I hated it so badly…BURN IT WITH FIRE!…that I decided to try to give myself a little time and distance before I wrote the review.
I’m going to wrap this up, because my mouse keeps (all by itself!) hovering over the one star button.
Ok, I know that it wouldn’t be a fair rating. The first few issues were cute, and even though the last few (my opinion) were a bit stupid, the entire volume wasn’t a wash for me.

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