Review: Supergirl, Vol. 4: Out of the Past by Michael Alan Nelson & Scott Lobdell

Supergirl, Vol. 4: Out of the PastSupergirl, Vol. 4: Out of the Past by Michael Alan Nelson

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2.5 stars

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Criteria for this one? Anything with a female lead.


The problem with this volume isn’t the actual Supergirl issues. They’re ok.
Not great, just ok.
Supergirl has Kryptonite poisoning from her run in with H’el, so she takes off into space to ‘die alone’…or something. She runs into a planet that can become any other planet, and it needs her memories to become Krypton…because that’s the purpose of the planet.
Not all is as it seems!
Cyborg Superman is the one behind luring Kara to this place, and he has nefarious plans, yadda, yadda, yadda. To be honest, it didn’t make much of an impression on me one way or another. There’s a BIG REVEAL at the end, but since it has to do with all that ‘Let’s revive even more fucking people from Krypton‘ bullshit, that I’m not a super-duper fan of, I didn’t care as much as maybe I should have.
Still, it seems like there may be forward movement in Kara’s maturity level, and I consider that a good thing.
Inch by precious inch…

It was the need to add in all the confusing time travel shit that really killed this one for me. You’re basically dumped into an entirely unexplained storyline with Kara, Superman, and Superboy that somehow involves going back in time to stop H’el from wreaking havoc.
Except didn’t they just finish stopping H’el?
H’el is somehow pinging around the timeline, including alternate timelines, trying to save Krypton.
Wait for it…
So that he can then DESTROY Krypton!
What the actual fuck is going on here?!
I don’t’ even know when or where this story is taking place in all of these titles. I just finished Superman: Psi War which is volume 4 of that one, and there was no mention of any timey-wimey stuff in there.
You know what would help?
If these ‘crossover’ events would kinda-sorta match up with the corresponding volumes. Like, say for example, if I were to read something in Supergirl volume 4 that had to do with an event happening with Superman, the missing information could then be (I’m just spit-balling here) found in Superman volume 4.
Are they trying to get people to purchase more comics than necessary to finish out stories like this?
Oh, DC, you wily beast!

Only recommended for Super-fans of Supergirl.

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1 thought on “Review: Supergirl, Vol. 4: Out of the Past by Michael Alan Nelson & Scott Lobdell

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    thanks for the review =). I haven’t read supergirl vol 4 yet. I ordered it but it still hasn’t come…Its probably lost in space…Or supergirl blasted it to pieces… XD just kidding.


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