The Boys Vol 9: Garth Ennis is a homophobe. by the aforementioned Homophobic Stunted Growth Sack of Shit.

The Boys, Volume 9: The Big RideThe Boys, Volume 9: The Big Ride by Garth Ennis
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Ugh. This is the worst of Garth Ennis. Overly violent and bloody, meandering, overlong and just full of gay/tranny “jokes” that make it super obvious Ennis is either a serious homophobe, 13 yrs old, or has serious issues with his own sexuality…”there’s more shit on this than Elton John’s cock” really??? That’s fucking genius you dumb twat. Ennis is that guy who tells racist and homophobic jokes but then says it’s ok because he has a gay uncle, or knows a black person.

As for the book, I honestly skimmed more than half of this…Hughie and Annie still have issues, Butcher is still a nasty cunt, the Seven are repulsive, sexual perverts. Honestly, their violence and disregard for life bothers me more than how they like to orgasm.

Vought is evil, there’s gonna be a throw down, Hughie doesn’t belong here, No ones as hard as Butcher…mate. He’s almost more of a bully to Hughie than any of the Bad guys…just end this already. Even the art isn’t strong anymore…not that art needs to be good to show gay sex and bodies blown to bloody bits…

This series should have already wrapped up…it’s tired, derivative of itself, and just here to cash a paycheque. I don’t feel the passion I used to…this just feels phoned in…and way overly long.

Just not worth my effort. I expected a lot more…Preacher is next up, and depending how it goes, Ennis might be moved to my never read again list. Or maybe I’m just not 17yrs old and this shit doesn’t seem cool. Violence language and sex doesn’t a Tarantino make…

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