Review: Preacher Vol. 7: Salvation, by Garth Ennis

Preacher, Volume 7: SalvationPreacher, Volume 7: Salvation by Garth Ennis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The cover is hideous and makes this look like a stupid volume.
Luckily, the stupidity is toned down in this one, and actually, is more enjoyable than the last few were…no fat jokes, no crazy interactions with God, spirits, religion or otherwise.
Oh, and did I mention, there’s no Irish vampire and no trigger happy blonde girlfriend in this one? That might actually be the best part of this…
Without all that baggage weighing him down, Jesse Custer can get back to business…which is to totally avoid his mission in a Podunk Texas town called…Salvation…how appropriate.
We get a lot of new characters, who are actually interesting for the most part, and only a little ridiculous in places. the insane sex is toned down, and that’s a good thing.
This one just feels like a quirky version of Walking Tall, with some rather larger revelations for Jesse, especially regarding his family.

I have no idea where things go from here, but in my opinion, this could have been a place to end things on short notice if they’d had to.

Instead we get treated to Sheriff Jesse and the bad guys. This book saved his character for me, as I had come to almost despise his whiny nature and stupid companions…this book made me actually think Ennis took this one a bit more seriously than the last ones, and I appreciate that.

Certainly not a place to dive in, but a definite upswing for me.

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