Review: Nightwing, Vol. 5: Setting Son by Kyle Higgins (Goodreads Author), Will Conrad (Illustrations)

Nightwing, Vol. 5: Setting SonNightwing, Vol. 5: Setting Son by Kyle Higgins

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars

Quite a few tie-ins in this volume, if you like that sort of thing.
It starts off with the Zero Year tie-in. Don’t get excited, it’s not like Batman shows up.
It’s about Dick in the pre-Dead Family stage. It just so happens that Haley’s Circus is in town during the Riddler’s takeover of Gotham City. Basically, a stick-by-your-friends-don’t-be-a-cocky-ass kind of story.
Then we fast-forward back to Nightwing and Barbara during her I-don’t-wanna-be-Batgirl crisis.
And there’s a whole Will They? Won’t They? thing, as Dick tries to get Babs to remember the Good Old Days and move with him to Chicago.
Of course, Reasons happen, and Nightwing ends up unpacking his boxes by himself.
Once he’s back, there are a couple of random (but not awful) stories that seem a bit like filler.
As in, Let’s tidy up any loose ends in this thing, guys!
Once the annoying roommates, ex girlfriends, random b-list villain, and Kid-With-Similarly-Tragic-Backstory are all taken care of, we can move on to the final chapter of Setting son.

*Here Be Forever Evil Spoilers*


The Sinister Six unmasked and then (supposedly) killed Nightwing. Obviously not, but that’s what everyone thinks.
Anyway, I’m guessing this is the transition issue where we see Bruce send Dick off to fight as an undercover agent or whatever.
I really like the idea of Grayson as a spy, but this last issue was LAME.
There’s this dumbass fight scene between Bruce and Dick, as Batman tries to see whether or not Nightwing is Too Broken To Do What Needs To Be Done!
Or some such nonsense.
It drags on and on and on, the two of them screaming dorky stuff at each other, blood spurting, masks breaking, fisticuffs flying…


But the main thing is that Nightwing stays ‘dead’, and Dick is off to infiltrate a new Secret Society of Evildoers. They’re a group of Cape-Killers, that no one has ever heard of before now.
First the Court of Owls, and now these guys? Way to shit the bed, Batman!

Overall, this was decent. If you aren’t a huge fan of the character, I don’t see any reason to put this on your must-read list. However, if you are interested in what’s happening/going to happen with Nightwing, then by all means grab Higgins’ run on him. This was a good (enough) ending to make me glad I stayed with it.

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