Review: Superman: Red Son, by Mark Millar

Superman: Red Son (New Edition)Superman: Red Son by Mark Millar
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OK, so I recalled reading this, but I think I got it confused with Last Son of Krypton…because there’s no WAY I wouldn’t have gushed about how awesome this book is.

Superman: Red So(u)n (You’ll get it.) is, quite possibly, Mark Millar’s finest work.

This book is so full of little teasers and links to the original DCU that it’s like a Where’s Waldo game to find them all…I only read once, and I saw a few that were AWESOME.

I could literally gush about this non-stop. It was one of those few books you read the panels over and over again just because it’s so F’n awesome. It’s also one where you cover the next page with your hand because you don’t want to get ahead of things at all, you want to inhabit this story in real time.

Millar has also done the impossible, and made a major character even better than I thought possible. (hint: I’m not talking about the main character.) Millar has taken the essence of what makes each character we encounter important, and twisted it around just enough to remain interesting, while still, importantly enough, remaining true to each character’s roots.

I don’t want to give away too much, because reading this without any spoilers or clues other than the title and the obvious fact that Superman was going to be a Soviet Comrade instead of an American Citizen.

If I was to sum up in words how much I loved this book…I think it would be:


To the Power of


Oh…then there’s the ending. Mind. Blown. BOOM.

I was so jazzed I said out loud “Holy S**t!” My wife came in to ask me what was wrong…then she saw the comic book, and started crying for some reason…anyhow. YAY! COMIC BOOK AWESOME!

So so so so sooo good. I might not be able to be friends with you if you don’t really enjoy this.

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Review: Hit-Girl, by Mark Millar & John Romita Jr.

Hit-GirlHit-Girl by Mark Millar
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a pretty solid addition to the Kick-Ass family. 3.5 stars…not quite 4.

Set between the end of the original and before #2 (though somehow published and written after #2); it follows Mindy (aka Hit-Girl, in her transference from Big Daddy to Estranged Mom and Cop Stepdad.

We get to see her out of her element, in Middle School/Junior High. She’s picked on, made fun of, and doesn’t have a clue what to do. Enter Dave (aka Kick-Ass) who’s agreed to help her fit in and know everything cool if she helps train him.

Wacky Hijinx ensue!

Dave breaks his hand and is out of commission; Mindy’s step-dad knows she’s Hit Girl, and locks her in the house (for her safety, and for her mother’s mental stability…I actually bought the second part a lot more than the first, and it’s a great way for Millar to establish that Step-Dad isn’t a bad guy at all – apparently he was Big Daddy’s partner in the PD?)

We also see Red Mist reappear, but he cannot remember who Kick Ass is, even though he told him. His uncle sends him away as he takes control of the crime empire, and we get to see some hilarious montages of him training a la Batman/Wolverine/Iron Fist/any hero sent on a ridiculous task of self improvement/becoming a weapon.

Best part is? He SUCKS. He cries like a baby, and pays everyone tons of cash; so they bilk him for as much as they can get (the Shaolin type monk is hoping for a new BMW with seat warmers or some shit…pretty funny stuff).

However, what would it be without gratuitous violence and buckets of blood?
Lucky for us, this IS Mark Millar, so we get cursing, hyper violence, but mixed with the right level of humour just to take the edge of, but not render it into a farce.

On top of that, we’ve got a great intro by THE Scott Snyder, who’s a big Millar fan and writes an impossibly actually somewhat interesting intro!

Put it together and you’ve got a pretty good time.


Except that guy. He had a shitty time.

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