Review: Justice League – Trinity War – by Geoff Johns and some other morons.

Justice League: Trinity WarJustice League: Trinity War by Geoff Johns
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


You know when you go to Denny’s, and you feel guilty when you walk in, but you go sit down anyhow? Even though the last few times you’ve eaten there, it wasn’t all that good? Then you say, I’m just going to get a Coke…but you look at the menu, and end up ordering something that looks good on the menu picture?
However, when it shows up, you’re thinking uh-oh…this is a bad idea; but your brain tells you “You’ve already come this far, you idiot; might as well eat”.
Then you eat it, and there’s a few tasty bites, but mostly not? Then you finish, just because, your mom told you kids are starving in Africa, so you don’t want to feel guilty.
You pay the bill, and before you’re even out the door, your stomach hurts and you feel bloated and nauseous, and you’re thinking “Why the fuck did I ever come back here?”

That’s this book.


The worst part is? I know I’m going to fuckin’ eat at Geoff Johns’ Denny’s again. I honestly don’t want to discuss this colossal negative meh anymore.

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