The Amazing Spider-Man, vol 1: The Parker Luck

The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1: The Parker LuckThe Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1: The Parker Luck by Dan Slott
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I guess I just loved Superior Spider-Man too much, without being a big fan of regular Spider-Man to begin with, to get too into this book. I mean, it’s not badly written or anything. It’s just that I’m finding Peter to be even more oblivious and self-absorbed than Otto had been in his body. Which is kind of weird, don’t you think? Shouldn’t the good guy have at least a dim awareness that, as a business owner, he has a responsibility (see what I did there) to his employees? But not Peter. He doesn’t seem to feel any more responsible to keep his company afloat than he would as an employee of a company that he doesn’t like very much. I would be even more frustrated by this, if he weren’t surrounded by people who are pointing out that he’s kind of acting like an ass, so I’m assuming this will eventually become an actual issue for him, and not just the people who have to put up with him.

Remember when I said that wasn’t badly written? It’s only most not badly written. See, the villains (Electro and Black Cat) are… What’s the word I’m looking for here? They’re not convincing. They don’t feel truly threatening, and they don’t feel truly convincing. Their motivations are almost nonexistent, and they mostly don’t seem to be doing anything that would make them really scary. I guess that’s what happens when you sideline two of Spider-Man’s best foes.

Also, I thought it was kind of strange how quickly and easily Anna Maria came to terms with the whole I-am-not-the-man-you-loved-also-I’m-Spider-Man thing that Peter throws at her. She is really, really not phased. And shouldn’t she be?

Maybe this would have been a bigger hit for me if I were a bit Spider-Man fan, if I hadn’t been sad when Otto left the scene. But I’m not, and I was.

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