Review: Original Sin

Original SinOriginal Sin by Jason Aaron

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Original Sin wasn’t the random, unflushed tampon I thought it was gonna be. Lots of horrible reviews for this one kept me from getting to optimistic about the event and I went in prepared for the worst. Only my love of most things “Jason Aaron” caused me to even seek this one out. Overall, I thought it wasn’t half bad. Sure, it has issues. But nothing that was a complete deal breaker for me.


So what sucked? A few things. Aaron’s choice in villains baffled me a little. I like the idea of using relative unknowns or second stringers, but really?  These guys aren’t even bench warmers. I didn’t even recognize a couple of them.  Then one of these tools actually takes on the Hulk. The HULK. I understood how, just wasn’t buying it.

The “mystery” gets resolved pretty quick and I had a sneaking suspicion who it was prior to the big reveal. Bear in mind, I’m no Sherlock or Batman. Usually I don’t figure anything out prior to the author letting it slip. I know why Aaron chose to do the reveal early in the series, but it felt rushed. I think he had a lot of ground to cover in 8 issues. The “forensic” investigations weren’t exactly overly impressive or exhaustive either. The ending was a mixed bag too.

Lastly, the extra stories included at the end of the collection were weak. The Ales Kot story was alright. But everything else was unnecessary filler.

So what’s left? A buncha cool shit. Nova and Uatu bro-ing out was fun. Nova’s got that youthful, “Spidey” attitude about him that I liked. It was cool to get a little more back story on The Watcher and check out his bachelor pad.

Cap, Logan, Natasha, and Nick having “Meat” night was fun. And that’s NOT an urban dictionary term for an orgy by the way. Stark doing the “work from home” thing in his boxers was a laugh. Banner calling him out on it amused.

There’s plenty of action too. The Avengers are front and center taking it to the bad-guys a couple of times. Buncha throw-downs in this one.


Great to see the original Nick Fury again. Not the Sam Jackson version. The original. Sam Fury was fine in the Ultimate Universe, but I’m old school. Nick’s like Eastwood. A classic.

Aaron’s team-ups were pretty bad-ass. Throwing together odd teams of heroes to investigate the murder worked for me. Frank Castle and Stephen Strange? I’m diggin’ it. It was interesting to watch some of these unusual groups interact while working together. Aaron’s take on the Winter Soldier was pretty spot on as well.


I was cool with Aaron’s resolution and explanation as to what was ultimately going on. While I thought the reveal happened a little too early and easy, the back story as to what had been going on was interesting and sorta cool. Not great, but certainly not horrible.


Finally, I was not a Mike Deodato fan. I have even taken steps to avoid his stuff in the past. This was the BEST stuff he’s ever produced. His style is evolving into something pretty special. If he can maintain this level of detail in the future, I will be picking more of his books down the road. Well done, Mike.

So, overall this story comes off like a layover on our way to the next big Marvel Event. While there were certainly a few weaknesses with this one, I still had some fun. I like the way Aaron writes most characters and it was an interesting concept. Just didn’t play out perfectly in the execution. Deodato shines. Not required reading, but it has its moments.

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