Review: The Boys Vol. 7 (The Innocents) by Garth Ennis

The Boys, Volume 7: The InnocentsThe Boys, Volume 7: The Innocents by Garth Ennis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I dunno, I didn`t love this one. I`d say probably 3.5 stars.

What I did like is that we finally get the revelation that Hughie`s lady isn`t who he thought she was, but he doesn`t take it well at all…

There`s an evolution in the relationship between the team, as MM calls Butcher out on some assumptions he makes, and Butcher is ready to let Hughie pay for it.
Luckily, there is some relief, but it only subsides long enough for us to see Hughie`s world fall apart.

There`s some more scenes of Supes behaving badly, and it looks like the Homelander is about to go rogue, and maybe take some others with him. We also get a revelation about another member of the Seven and where loyalties really lie…

It will be interesting to see where things go from here…

The only comic relief is from the Female, undercover with the Frenchman, and her antagonizing at the hands of a bully…the thought bubbles of what she`ll do, and how Frenchy responds are the only lightness in this otherwise VERY dark book.

Lots of rape, mentally challenged folks being treated like shit by a big bully, and the collapse of one of the bright lights of the series.
I commend Ennis for not taking the easy way out of that, I just don`t think he would have gone that way.

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