Review: Black Panther: Secret Invasion

Black Panther: Secret InvasionBlack Panther: Secret Invasion by Jason Aaron

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wakanda has NEVER been conquered. What chance could they possibly have against an advanced alien race while the rest of the world is going to shit all around them? Read this Secret Invasion tie-in and find out.


Jason Aaron’s three issue Black Panther: Secret Invasion arc is collected in this volume and it might actually be as good, if not better, that the Secret Invasion series itself. Should have read them together, but this was a little before my man crush on Mr. Aaron fully bloomed. As soon as I read he had done this one, I made sure to pick up a copy.


In a spoiler-free nutshell, this one tells the story of the Skrull’s invasion of African nation of Wakanda. Not being a fan of Black Panther and only having a pretty basic knowledge of him and his country really didn’t hurt my ability to enjoy this one at all.

I am so fucking glad Marvel didn’t go with their “vigilante” or second stringer version of Panther for this one. Aaron depicts T’Challa as the King, high priest, and warrior that he should be and the book gave me a new appreciation for character. He’s smart too. Aaron does a great job convincing me why T’Challa is important in the Marvel universe. For years I’ve seen him chillin’ with Reed Richards, Professor X, and Tony Stark and was like “What the fuck is this dude doing there?” Why not just let Prince Charles have a seat at the table.


T’Challa is a strategist and uses Wakanda’s technological mastery to his best advantage in some pretty cool ways. Oh, but don’t get me wrong, this isn’t like watching an actual chess match the whole time. T’Challa and his nation’s warriors engage in a “300” style clash with the Skrulls that’s pretty damn brutal. T’Challa actually reminded me a little bit of my home-boy, Leonidas, in this one too.


I really liked Jefte Palo’s artwork and Lee Loughridge’s minimalist color palettes. Palo is super-good at giving the Black Panther a cat-like appearance instead of making him look like Batman every other panel. His style is similar to Leinil Francis Yu, but I liked it a little better here.

Aaron’s Black Panther: Secret Invasion is a short, sweet, and pretty kick-ass little book. It’s a no-brainer recommend to anyone that’s a fan of Black Panther, the Secret Invasion storyline, or Jason’s other work.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Black Panther: Secret Invasion

  1. Nice. I don’t know if I knew Aaron did this…I only read one Secret Invasion book and I was kinda lost, so I have to go back and read all of it…maybe. The art looks bitchin’ though.

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    • I dug it. The colorist did something a little different with this one that worked for me too. Secret Invasion was one of those Marvel events that just ran into the next one and the next one and the next one. I picked up the hardcover at a massive discount a couple months ago and reread it and I know what you mean.


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