Review: Black Panther: Secret Invasion

Black Panther: Secret InvasionBlack Panther: Secret Invasion by Jason Aaron

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wakanda has NEVER been conquered. What chance could they possibly have against an advanced alien race while the rest of the world is going to shit all around them? Read this Secret Invasion tie-in and find out.

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Review: The Boys Vol. 7 (The Innocents) by Garth Ennis

The Boys, Volume 7: The InnocentsThe Boys, Volume 7: The Innocents by Garth Ennis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I dunno, I didn`t love this one. I`d say probably 3.5 stars.

What I did like is that we finally get the revelation that Hughie`s lady isn`t who he thought she was, but he doesn`t take it well at all…

There`s an evolution in the relationship between the team, as MM calls Butcher out on some assumptions he makes, and Butcher is ready to let Hughie pay for it.
Luckily, there is some relief, but it only subsides long enough for us to see Hughie`s world fall apart.

There`s some more scenes of Supes behaving badly, and it looks like the Homelander is about to go rogue, and maybe take some others with him. We also get a revelation about another member of the Seven and where loyalties really lie…

It will be interesting to see where things go from here…

The only comic relief is from the Female, undercover with the Frenchman, and her antagonizing at the hands of a bully…the thought bubbles of what she`ll do, and how Frenchy responds are the only lightness in this otherwise VERY dark book.

Lots of rape, mentally challenged folks being treated like shit by a big bully, and the collapse of one of the bright lights of the series.
I commend Ennis for not taking the easy way out of that, I just don`t think he would have gone that way.

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Review: Batman and Robin Vol. 4 Reqiuem for Damian, by Peter J. Tomasi

Batman and Robin, Vol. 4: Requiem for DamianBatman and Robin, Vol. 4: Requiem for Damian by Peter J. Tomasi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The first issue is entirely wordless, all done with artwork, and a stand-out job by Patrick Gleason. It’s true, picture is worth a thousand words, and these pictures say it all. There’s no way you could write what needs to be communicated…The use of the art form is at some of it’s best work here…the last page, where you see Bruce find a note Damian left for him…utterly heartbreaking; his reaction is spot on. I was also glad to see they focused on Alfred as well.

The rest of the book is Robin and (well the other Robins actually) Red Robin goes to stop Batman from making a terrible mistake and perverting the memory of his son (and features an appearance by a certain monster).
Batgirl tries to stop Batman from being overly violent with criminals, and it’s kind of odd what transpires…(view spoiler)
The next features Batman and Red Hood teaming up to stop assassins, but it actually ends up being for an entirely different reason, which rightfully angers Jason, and though understandable, it is sad to see.
There’s also a few appearances by Carrie Kelley (who was Robin in Frank Miller’s DARK KNIGHT RETURNS) who was actually tutoring Damian in theatre and other cultural forms. It’s an interesting development, as she may be playing a larger role in the future…

Of course, the final issue of the collection features the other Batman to Damian’s Robin: Nightwing. Dick is written perfectly here. He doesn’t try to stop Bruce or change his mind, or get in his way, he simply lets him do what he has to, and instead of telling him not to, he goes along for the ride. I’m not ashamed to admit, the way Dick handles the situation left me a little misty eyed. I love how he’s turned out here, and I think maybe we’re meant to realize that, and balance it against Bruce never getting to see Damian get to grow the same way.

This is probably Tomasi’s best work on the title so far. I was more than impressed, and while some of the things didn’t ring entirely true, the motivation/emotion behind them made perfect sense.

I’m considering buying #18 as a single issue just to have the textless masterpiece by Gleason.

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for people who liked Damian and miss him, and for people who like to see an emotionally damaged Dark Knight in his darkest days.


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