Review: Batman and Robin Vol. 3 – Death of the Family by Peter J. Tomasi

Batman and Robin, Vol. 3: Death of the FamilyBatman and Robin, Vol. 3: Death of the Family by Peter J. Tomasi
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I would probably lean towards 3.5 stars on this, but not quite 4.

Of course, with “Death of the Family” you know it’s going to include BATMAN #17, which I’ve now read…5+ different times in different TPBs? It’s a damn good book, one of the best individual Batman/Joker issues of all time…BUT, I’ve read it a ton in the last year.

I really enjoyed the first story arc, where Damian sends Bruce on a round the world wild-goose chase after some family memories, which seems very sweet, and it actually is. Of course, Damian uses this opportunity to patrol Gotham as pint-sized Batman, which is fun on it’s own. Eventually Bruce catches on to it, or maybe he knew all along and Alfred just pushed him to let the boy do it. It’s an even more bittersweet story arc when you know what is coming for the Waynes.

Leading up to #17, we’ve got Damian and the Joker tete-a-tete, which is interesting, and I’m pretty impressed that he nearly holds his own against the Clown Prince.

In the aftermath of it all, Damian, Bruce and Alfred all suffer nightmares, which are fairly vivid.

I really enjoyed the artwork by Patrick Gleason here; great use of colours, especially Yellow/Orange/Red and Black.

A solid collection, gives us a good chunk of Damian and Bruce.

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