Review: Green Lantern:New Guardians – Vol.2 – Beyond Hope (by Tony Bedard)

Green Lantern: New Guardians, Vol. 2: Beyond HopeGreen Lantern: New Guardians, Vol. 2: Beyond Hope by Tony Bedard
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Ho-hum, “Lanternkyle” and his rainbow brigade follow the multi-coloured brick road all over the universe to recharge their batteries. Literally.

Results in a Blue Beetle crossover…completely unnecessary. It made more sense now, having read both volumes it appears in, but still…I see that BB is tied into the baddies that attacked the Blue Lanterns, but what does that mean? BB is long cancelled.

Red and Green have an interesting sexual chemistry going, want to see where that goes…but no such luck.

Glommy, our resident orange DC version of Doop, is heroic here (aww special little guy!).

We see what Sinestro is up to with Hal (thru the eyes of another Yellow Lantern/Sinestro Corps eyes).

Sapphire Fatality gets a bit of screen time, but yawn. Nok, the Indigo Tribe member is the one we get nothing much about and he’s interesting me.

Saint Walker may be one of the few characters to come out of this whole Reading Rainbow that might be worth salvaging.

Kyle is…well…boring. Hal’s original, Alan Scott moreso, and even John Stewart is an angry badass. Hell, Guy’s got a story, and this new Simon fella is probably interesting…but Kyle? Nope. Just…no.

Let’s hope for a culling. I think it’s stupid that the whole universe only finds willpower (Green Lantern Spectrum) on Earth…Hal/Kyle/John/Guy, etc. Really? some planets have no one…

So some shit happens, and if you follow ALL the GL titles closely…you’re still going to have to call Geoff Johns at home to ask WTF?

Not really worth the effort.

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