Review: Blue Estate

Blue Estate Graphic Novel HcBlue Estate Graphic Novel Hc by Viktor Kalvachev

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I could try and say that it was my interest in crime stories, rumors that it was an instant classic, or the fact that “The Hoff” has a guest appearance that made me pick up Blue Estate. But that’s complete horseshit. I picked this up because of Viktor Kalvachev’s sexy ass covers. Plain and simple, my man can draw the shit out of a hot chick.


What I was stoked to discover was a ridiculously insane story in the same vein as Snatch or Way of the Gun. Like those films, Kalvachev introduces outrageous characters with no obvious connections and brings them all together like one big deranged puzzle by the end of the book. The way Viktor uses caricatures of celebrities was fucking great. LOVE his characters. Even though some of them aren’t around very long. Cliché? Sometimes, but I’m not givin’ a shit. Italian gangsters in track suits that can’t get enough Hasselhoff, tatted-up strippers looking to get wasted, an inept private eye embarrassing the hell out of his dad, a bus full of college football players looking for get back, a shady accountant turned movie producer, a down on his luck real estate broker, two hippies with a pot plant named “Ethel”, an alcoholic hit-man, and a horse with an unusual name are just some of the peculiar folks your gonna meet reading Blue Estate. It definitely shouldn’t be taken too seriously.


The art is handled by a crew of 4 different illustrators and while their styles were somewhat different, it all flowed well together for me. Toby Cypress, Nathan Fox, Robert Valley, and Viktor himself all contributed to the artwork collected. Their unique styles helped to provide the book with a distinct feel for me that set it apart from other creator owned crime stuff out there.


It’s violent, offensive, foul-mouthed, and plays on all types of distasteful stereotypes. If any of that shit is not your bag or you’re easily insulted by boilerplate racial or sexual characterizations, best to give this one a pass. But, if you’re not easily offended and like off the chain crime tales with a little bit of a comedic edge thrown in, your are going to want to give Blue Estate a look see.


Ok. I couldn’t resist that last one for a couple of obvious reasons.


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