Review: Thor: Season One, by Matthew Sturges

Thor: Season OneThor: Season One by Matthew Sturges
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I haven’t been the biggest fan of Marvel’s quasi-cash-grab “Season One” Books. I mean I suppose it’s a quick, easy way to do updated origin stories for all the new Marvel Comics fans that are appearing due to the movies, so I suppose I need to remind myself, these books aren’t geared towards me. They also seem to be aimed at teens, as there’s a lot of ho-hum stuff here.

The funny part is, if this is geared towards teens, then I’m not sure how many are going to get the Monty Python Dead Parrot Skit reference whilst in Norway…
I found it mildly amusing, but I got it.

Anyhow, my review, in Hulk prose:
Thor, Loki, Odin. Thor rash, headstrong, Loki trickster. Odin old.
Thor go to Earth, become puny human. Need stick to walk. Puny human fix others.
Puny human have girl human friend. Puny Human become Hammer God. Hammer God learn life lesson. Hulk no care for artwork.
Loki bad. Thor have friends. Hulk no need friends.
Thor smash. Hulk smash better.
Thor stay with puny humans. Come back God-land when want.

Pretty much. There’s some good work with Don Blake, who we rarely see anymore (at least I feel like).

The best part here is the preview for Issue #1 of Jason Aaron’s Thor: God of Thunder series.

unfortunately, that wasn’t on the digital copy that came from the book…

Hit and miss, but lots of hitting.

I give 3 Mjolnirs.

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