Review: Zero Vol. 2 “At The Heart Of It All”

Zero, Vol. 2: At the Heart of It AllZero, Vol. 2: At the Heart of It All by Ales Kot

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Zero Vol. 2: “At The Heart Of It All” has a lot in common with Zero Volume 1 “An Emergency” . It continues to jump back and forth in time to tell the story of Edward Zero. He’s like the new, NC-17 rated Jason Bourne for those of you that missed Vol. 1. Ales continues to tell his origin and what will likely be his ultimate demise at the same time in his own peculiar way. I continue to enjoy all the action and violence, as that’s sort of my taste, but I do agree with Joe in that I’d like to see something come together by the next volume. Ales will hopefully offer a little more of an explanation as to what he is building towards with these first two collections. I’ll be patient. Kot’s odd style appeals to me so it’s really not that hard. And all the ultra-violence helps to pass the time.

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