Review: Savage Wolverine, Vol. 1: Kill Island


Words and pictures:  Frank Cho

Four stars


Special Guest Star: The Incredible Hulk! Shallow reader squee!!

Spectacular! Fantastic! Beyond belief!

See: Wolverine go berserk and slice and dice his way through the Savage Land natives.

Thrill: As Hulk pounds giant gorillas into jelly

Marvel: At how many times Wolverine gets his butt handed to him by dinosaurs. Kids, it’s a good thing he has a healing factor!

Swoon: At Sheena, the She-Devil and pages of scantily clad native women

Laugh: At Amadeus Cho, as he sets himself up as a god to the natives. Oh, that Amadeus!

Chuckle: At the banter between Wolverine and Sheena, the scantily clad She-Devil. You tell him, Sheena!

Mourn: For Jeff’s brain, as it turns to mush from reading too many comics.

Sheena, the She-Devil

Hey!  You there in Duluth!  Buckle your pants up!!

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