Review: Young Avengers, Vol. 1: Style > Substance by Kieron Gillen

Young Avengers, Vol. 1: Style > SubstanceYoung Avengers, Vol. 1: Style > Substance by Kieron Gillen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok, ok, ok! I get it now, guys!

Because I’m me, and my library likes to order books is some wonky order, I had to read Young Avengers, Vol. 2: Alternative Culture, before I read this one.
Big mistake. HUGE! Don’t do it.
Volume 2 didn’t make me stand up and cheer (possibly because I was missing relevant plot points), but it wasn’t awful, either. However, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why my friends were rating this one so highly.
Aaaaaaand now I know…
Style > Substance is nothing short of complete awesomeness.
It’s funny, smart, touching, and full of action.
And Loki. Don’t forget little Loki.
Is he good? Is he bad? Or is he just as confused as we are?
I LOVE him! Totally my favorite.
In fact, if I have another kid, I’ve decided to name it Loki.
Relax, my tubes are tied…

So Wiccan wants to make his boyfriend, Hulkling, feel a little less alone in the world, and casts a spell to bring his mother to him from an alternate reality. Now, his real mother died, so Wiccan snatches this one from her dimension right before she would have been killed.
Except it’s not Hulkling’s mother.
It’s Mother.
As in, a parasite who’s been waiting for someone like Wiccan to fuck up, and let her in the door.
And now she’s gonna suck the life out of them…and their friends.

The plot is great, but the genius lies in the dialogue, in the interactions, the reactions, and the inner thoughts of the characters.
Even the yambler recaps are hilarious!

Thanks for giving me the nudge I needed to go ahead and track this one down, Sesana. Totally worth it.
Read this. You won’t be sorry.

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