Review: Wonder Woman, Vol. 4: WAR by Brian Azzarello and mostly Cliff Chang

Wonder Woman, Vol. 4: WarWonder Woman, Vol. 4: War by Brian Azzarello
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Finally, we get some resolution to what’s dragged on for the first TWO YEARS of this title. I think maybe if Azzarello had condensed the first 3 into 2, that would have flowed better and moved forward at a better pace. Instead, it really seemed like:


Yes. A slow mo punch in the face.

Luckily, this volume picks up; though I’m still not confident enough to give it 4 stars…3+ then?

This is War. Literally. Old Man War is a washed up God, but don’t count him out…

First Born looks to have defeated his uncle Poseidon, and happily marches on his way to take what he thinks is his…

Cue throw down between Wonder Woman Posse and First Born’s Army…again, Zola, just go away.

They’re getting their asses handed to them when BOOM…Orion arrived in the nick of time…and takes them away to…a New place…unfortunately, one of the team must sacrifice themselves to stop First Born from following…

Diana beats up Artemis again…yawn.

War shows up, and though he looks to be over-matched, pulls a VERY cool move that’s possibly the best of the book.

This is to back up Diana, who ends up going full Demi-God, removing her restraints that keep her power in check…

How does it work out? Guess you’ll have to read to find out. The ending is pretty solid actually, and sets up a very cool way forward.

That being said, there’s some issues: 1) If Orion and Wonder Woman are hooking up (sorta) where does that leave Superman???

2) Why is it some of these crossover events have everyone show up all the time, yet the First Born of Zeus is destroying the world, and Supes/Bats/JL are nowhere to be found?

3) Diana’s solution to the problem of First Born is an important distinction made between her and the other 2 members of the Holy Trinity, and I actually like how it’s done here.

So good work, but the whole story arc to so damn LONG to get to the resolution, I’ve kind of tired of it, and am worried about investing in the next one.

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