Review: Deadpool, Vol. 2: Soul Hunter by Brian Posehn

Deadpool, Vol. 2: Soul HunterDeadpool, Vol. 2: Soul Hunter by Brian Posehn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 stars

Liquor? I hardly know her!

That’s the title of one of the issues, by the way…
Deadpool is on a mission (from Hell) to get Tony Stark to take a drink, so get your mind outta the gutter.
Kidding! This is Deadpool, after all. Might as well leave your mind where it is for a little while longer.

I’ll admit I was a little pissed when I read the thing in the front that said they were printing an old issue of Deapool.
I mean, I just finished Astonishing X-Men, Vol. 7: Monstrous, and they had re-printed a Fin Fang Foom origin story in the back.
Needless to say, it totally sucked ass.
Then I realized I was reading Deapool, and they lied.

I blame lack of sleep, due to a small child and a nightmare, for not catching on to the joke sooner.
The bags under my eyes right now are almost touching my chin.
Mommy isn’t a robot. Mommy needs sleep.
Why the hell can’t you wake up your father for once!

Anyway, this magical old inventory issue they ‘found’ was hilarious. Possibly my favorite part of the entire volume.

Long story short, Wade needs to get the sassy S.H.I.E.L.D agent (from Dead Presidents) out of his head, and back into a body.
He also needs to save the necromancer (also from Dead Presidents), Michael, from the demon he made a deal with to get his powers.
Except he’s gotta kill a lot of other people in order to save Michael’s soul. And since Michael is the best shot they have at getting Agent Preston out of his head, those other suckers gotta die!

Superior Spider-Man, Dardevil, Iron Man, and Peter Parker all make guest appearances in this one. And (bonus!) none of the cameos are wasted!


Even the letters to Deadpool made me giggle.
The entire thing was funny, and this time around it had an actual plot worth following.
‘Cause to be honest, I wasn’t that big a fan of the first volume.

Unfortunately, my library likes to screw with me.
So, I’ll be reading volume 4 next…while I wait on them to order volume 3.
Oh well, some things are worth reading out of order. Deadpool is one of them.

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