Review: Worlds’ Finest, Vol. 3: Control Issues by Paul Levitz, Kevin McGuire (Illustrations)

Worlds' Finest, Vol. 3: Control IssuesWorlds’ Finest, Vol. 3: Control Issues by Paul Levitz

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hanging in there with this one, but I’m still not blown away.
I just don’t find the voices of either of the two characters very interesting.
Helena has such an incredible backstory, what with being the daughter of Catwoman and Batman, that you’d think that alone could carry a title.
It doesn’t.
Power Girl could also be something more than what she comes across as, but so far I haven’t seen it.
Although, I’m happy to say that they haven’t let her boobs get out of control, and take over her personality. Sure, she’s busty, but she doesn’t have a porn-star rack sticking out of her chin or anything.

Desaad if a pretty decent villain in Control Issues, but Tattoo Lady (or whatever her name is) was awful. She looks like she would be an amazing nemesis, but she’s not.
She tries to blow up models, to show the world that looks aren’t everything.
Yep. That’s great.
Make sure it’s the Evil Crazy Lady running around screaming that it’s not a good idea to focus on beauty!
Why have Power Girl bemoan her lost couture dresses, and then have the nutty bald chick going crazy on the fashion industry?
It’s ok to like dresses, and perfume, and looking your best. It is! And if anyone in Marvel U can pull that off, and be a badass, it’s Power Girl.
But it’s not very creative in this day and age, to have a female villain’s backstory revolve around being slighted for her looks.
Warning: Listen up, Girls!
Only ugly bitches whine about too much emphasis being placed on beauty!

I really like the friendship these two have, and I really like the idea of the stories that writers could tell with these guys.
I’m not giving up, but I am hoping for more out of the next one.

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