Release Day Review: Wonder Woman, Vol. 5: Flesh by Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang (Illustrator)

Wonder Woman, Vol. 5: FleshWonder Woman, Vol. 5: Flesh by Brian Azzarello

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wonder Woman is still continues to a solid title, and if you’ve been enjoying Azzarello’s run on her, you won’t be disappointed with this latest installment.
If, however, you weren’t that enamoured to start with, this is just more of the same, so keep on moving.
I fall somewhere in-between the love-it vs hate-it groups. I think it’s getting more interesting as it goes along, but I’m still not willing to fall down at the feet of this particular version of Wonder Woman.While I enjoy the mythological side of WW’s persona, it’s never been my favorite thing about her. I love her super-heroine side more, and I can’t help wishing that there was a bit of the Justice League Diana in these volumes.
Not that I’m crazy about her portrayal in the JL comics right now, either.

It starts with an insider’s peek at the events that shaped First Born, through the eyes of three hookers turned into Oracles via Apollo.
And, yes, you read that sentence correctly.
Apollo really wants to understand what makes First Born tick. By learning this, he hopes to stop First Born’s prophesied ascendance to the throne (which is currently being held by Apollo). Once he feels he’s got a bead on his big brother’s personality, he embarks on a crazy torture ‘n dominate scheme.
Shockingly, it backfires.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman still hasn’t fully accepted her place as God of War, so there’s something of a power vacuum that a few of the players from Olympus are trying to exploit.
Diana’s main goal, is (as always) to keep her ragtag ‘family’ safe from all the threats that are lurking in the shadows.
Unfortunately, nothing will keep that idiot Zola safe for very long. Once again, she’s goaded into making stupid decisions that put everyone at risk.
I hate her more with each passing issue.

One of the great things about this title is that you can read it as a stand-alone, and not have to bother with any other DC title to figure out what’s going on. So far, this one is only about what’s happening on Olympus, and Wonder Woman’s role in all of that.
Honestly, I don’t care who ends up with the throne, I just want to see Diana kick some ass.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I still have such a disconnect when it comes to the art that I feel like maybe I don’t enjoy this as much as I could.
It’s a personal preference, but I’d personally prefer¬†a style that didn’t look like it belonged on the side of a Greek urn.

The final issue leaves you with quite the cliffhanger, so (of course) I’m anxious to read the next volume, and find out what happens.
I mean, it’s Wonder Woman,¬†so I’m pretty locked into it no matter what.
I still read Catwoman, for God’s sake!
You can’t possibly think I’d abandon WW over an issue with the art, if I keep reading the crap they’re passing off as a story in the Catwoman title, do you?!

I’ve heard there’s a new writer and artist coming to take this one over, so I’m excited to see what the new creative team is going to come up with in the future.
Hopefully, a storyline that doesn’t focus solely on the gods?

Anyway, this was a good addition to this story arc, so I’m not disappointed with what I read.
Recommended for fans of Azzarello’s Wonder Woman!

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