Review: Resurrection Man, by Dan Abnett

Resurrection ManResurrection Man by Dan Abnett
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Holy 90s Batman! (he also makes an appearance here)

Mitch is a guy who lives rough on the streets, and the first exposure we have to him is his dying after saving some kids from a drive-by.
As things progress, we get moments where he has flashes of what appear to be his past, which we will soon catch up with as readers.
However, what’s cool here, is that Mitch cannot stay dead. He is literally a Resurrection Man. On top of that, every time he dies he is resurrected with new powers (telekinesis, super strength, empathic powers, shapechanging).

This gives the series unlimited potential, and for the first run, where we see him coming in from homelessness through the help of others, to him recalling who he was before he lost his memory, and going to confront that past.

The concepts are strong, the ideas are great, and the wandering stranger, when done well, is superb.
However…by about the halfway point, it seems like Abnett got lazy, or got a different editor who wanted a changed focus for the series…at this point it sorta got silly.

Throw into the mix, crossovers with the JLA, Batman, and Garth Ennis’ Hitman, and you’ve got prime 90s DC gold. When you add in the main villain who’s the Yang to Mitch’s Yin, things get weird.

I like this, and I wanted to like it even more, but the 90s art gets laughable at points, and it feels like phoned-in efforts for the 2nd half of this collection.

This was rebooted for New 52, but only lasted about 12 issues.

I give this collection a solid: 90s


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