Review: Uncanny, Volume One: Season of Hungry Ghosts, by Andy Diggle

Uncanny, Volume 1: Season of Hungry GhostsUncanny, Volume 1: Season of Hungry Ghosts by Andy Diggle
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I have to say, this was actually a disappointment…


I’ve usually really enjoyed Andy Diggle’s work. However, I really tried this because my library’s online catalogue said it was Sean Phillips artwork, but it was only just covers…
That and from where it started, I was hopeful, but it didn’t do what I needed it to do: be great.

This feels like a Brubaker/Phillips book, and that’s a great start, but then it doesn’t follow that up. For every part I liked, there were at least 2 I didn’t.

I honestly feel like it’s trying too hard to be CRIMINAL crossed with some SLEEPER. Those are great books, and the artwork by Aaron Campbell here is pretty reminiscent of Sean Phillips, but not quite. However, that’s not my issue. Diggle is pretty much just taking a criminal and throwing in that he’s got “powers”, which is OK, but then as the book goes along, more and more people with “powers” appear, and he becomes not as interesting, which he wasn’t really to start with.

When your main character isn’t that interesting/likeable/memorable, you had damn well hope your support cast is stellar…nope. There’s the quasi-Asian ninja ass-kicker chick, the sketchy powerful tycoon/boss type, the quirky hipster assistant girl, and a bunch more empty caricatures.

The storyline is also pretty darn basic, and not much in the way of surprises; at one point the page ends on what is supposed to be a reveal, but if you hadn’t figured it out as soon as you saw a new character speak, you must not be paying attention.

The whole thing just feels derivative and unnecessary. I’d sooner read ANY of Brubaker’s non-supes stuff again than this. I don’t know if this series is still going, but it just didn’t click for me at all, and I’m actually more surprised than anyone.

Maybe Brubaker has just spoiled some of us so much that anyone else is just the RC Cola version, the Burger King, well, you get it.

Oh, and it follows the DC rule: NO FUNNY STUFF! Not a single light moment, laugh, smile, snicker, or amusement to be found. That’s another major problem…

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