Review – The Fox: Freak Magnet


Writer:  Mark Waid  Artist/Writer:  Dean Haspiel

Three stars!

Ooooh lookee! It’s a tribute to old time comic book storytelling.

Are we talking Silver Age Marvel or DC?

Um, no. It’s more like Charltan or Gold Key comics.


If you aren’t some super nerd like me, that would certainly be a logical response. Even as a kid, I had a hard time laboring through this stuff. Still, there on the cover, it has Mark Waid’s name, so it would seem to be worth a read. Right?

What’s to like?

– Some of the dialogue has punch and is amusing (this was co-written, so I’m assuming Waid had a hand in this aspect)

– The plotline won’t melt your brain out of sheer complexity

– The Fox is an easy character to like

– A talking monkey from outer space

– A villainess who has tentacles coming out of her mouth. Cthulu anyone?

What’s not to like?

– There’s way too much written exposition. Show not say, after all this is a comic, a, um, visual medium.

– You’ll roll your eyes and not smile knowingly, at the sometimes grade C plotline

– The supporting characters are uninteresting – Shield (WW II super soldier just like Captain America), the Marvel (he has guns, he kills mobsters), Inferno (he breathes fire) and some guy who can transport himself. Whoopee!

– The topical references – Justin Bieber? For the comic book reader of the future, this will be like going back and reading 70’s comics for jokes involving Pia Zadora or Charles Nelson Reilly.

– The cartoony artwork. Not a fan.

– The annoying ersatz Yoda like speak from the Diamond Queen
“Not it’s clever. Painful no reading?” Her husband speaks normally. Go figure.

This is Archie Comics trying to gain a foothold into the capes and cowl stuff. Good luck!

Mama always said to avoid women who had tentacles coming out of their mouths.

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