Review: Daredevil, Volume 4 by Mark Waid

Daredevil, Volume 4Daredevil, Volume 4 by Mark Waid

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Maybe I’m overdosing on Daredevil?
I just wasn’t in love with this volume, for some reason.
It’s not bad, just…middle-of-the-roadish.

Matt has been rescued from Latveria, and Pym goes inside his brain to shoot all the mini-Doombots (or something) in his noggin. He succeeds, but somehow their memories get mind-melded together, and now they have a better understanding of each other.
Awwww. So sweet.


I stole that from Sam, by the way…

Just when Matt thinks his troubles are over, Foggy finds some ‘evidence’ in one of Matt’s desk drawers that leads him to believe that Murdock has taken a trip to Lunatic Land.
And, naturally, he tosses Matt out on his ear, cuts all ties with him, and sells him out to Kristen.
Honestly, that made no sense to me.
I can’t imagine Foggy doing what he did…without a hell of a lot more ‘evidence’ than what he found.
Not buying it.
I did like the fact that Waid managed to turn Spot into a more interesting/dangerous villain, though.

Overall, this was a decent story, and I’ll keep trying on more Daredevil titles in the future.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Daredevil, Volume 4 by Mark Waid

  1. The Foggy stuff really bothered me, like I was angry at the actual book, and my wife was like here, try a Prozac dear…there’s an explanation for his behaviour, but still…I am enjoying Waid’s run here very much, but I’m not huge up on Daredevil, I’ve read some Bendis, Brubaker, but this is the most sustained run I can recall reading.

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