Review: Marvel Boy, by Grant Morrison

Marvel BoyMarvel Boy by Grant Morrison
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I like Noh-Varr. I like his anti-establishment idea, I like that he’s a lone-wolf and that he goes after the guy (Midas) who killed his friends/mentors. I like the attack on Multi-National-Corporations from Grant Morrison. I liked Plex, the Green goo assistant/hive-mind of the Kree Empire that helped Noh-Varr on his mission.
Midas and his daughter were kinda stupid.

I would like to see more of him, and since this is a 14yr old book republished, I know I’ve already seen more of him (During Dark Reign).

On the whole though, this intro is kinda ho-hum, but I did like the main character, so I suppose it wasn’t that bad. In terms of Grant Morrison, it’s very accessible and easy to understand (so if you think GM is too dense and hippy-trippy, maybe try this?)

You won’t miss anything if you don’t read this though. Noh-Varr seems like he could torch Earth if he decided to (and not just funny curse words in flaming ruins).

I feel like this will work for Anne and Jeff’s sons. He’s cool, he kicks ass, has an attitude and doesn’t answer to anyone.

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