Review: Iron Man (Vol. 2) – The Secret Origin of Tony Stark (Book 1), by Kieron Gillen

Iron Man, Vol. 2: The Secret Origin of Tony Stark, Book 1Iron Man, Vol. 2: The Secret Origin of Tony Stark, Book 1 by Kieron Gillen
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Iron Man in Space! Except it’s like Star Wars/Trek…that sounds awesome right? Not so much.
Tony’s supposed to be so smart, yet he gets caught in traps that are just ridiculous.
Greg Land is still on the art…NOT good.

Tony’s about to get busy with an alien princess, (a la Kirk) but she sees his ‘stache and freaks out. This might have been the funniest part of the book.

He then faces charges for the death of the Phoenix Force (these aliens worshipped her/siphoned power off of her?) and has a very helpful robot suggest he demand the right to trial by combat. While waiting in his cell, he’s even wearing a robe that he borrowed from Obi-Wan’s closet. Like seriously Land, couldn’t you use SOME imagination?

This throws us into some fight scenes, which are BORING. Tony even says something about being screwed if they ever figure out what a headbutt is…
Then enter a 30-foot tall Robot Bounty Hunter (Death’s Head – a la Boba Fett, even though Death’s Head has existed for a while in Marvel U)…Tony has to fight…but luckily his friend the helpful alien (451 is his name) frees the Iron Man armour, which charges in like the cavalry and Tony escapes.

451 turns out to be less than a benevolent robot, and in fact, is quite a bad fellow. However, Gillen’s triumph in this volume is that he writes 451 in such a way that I didn’t even think him to be such a bad guy at all. He’s also got some info about Tony’s background, his birth, and the fact that 451 might have helped Tony out before he was even born.
This is where I started to call bullshit. If this was TV, it was jumping the shark.
I won’t reveal it, other than to say, 451 knew Howard Stark pretty well.

I feel like this could be used as a device to do anything with Tony, and then when Marvel editorial doesn’t like it, it’s a very easy escape clause. It’s called “The Secret Origin of Tony Stark” so take that as you will, but I have a sneaking suspicion, that this won’t remain cannon for long.

I read this stuff with 451 and by the end I just felt


I’m kind of disappointed with this whole idea. It seems like lazy story-writing in Gillen’s hands. I like 451 the character, because he’s multi-dimensional….for a robot. But still, unless they do some very cool shit, I think this might have been a mis-step.

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