Review: Iron Man, Vol. 1 – Believe, by Kieron Gillen

Iron Man, Vol. 1: BelieveIron Man, Vol. 1: Believe by Kieron Gillen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

OK, so finally my library got this in, and Vol. 2! I was excited, as I am with all Marvel NOW! Books, versus DC New 52, where I have a feeling that sits somewhere between utter dread and ambivalence.

Good stuff: I actually liked the idea of Tony having to go around to shut down the people who’d bought Black-Market Extremis, sort of paying penance for his involvement.

Some of the various Iron Man armours are on display here, I thought the liquid smart-metal armour was AWESOME! What a great idea (if Gillen actually came up with it himself, if not, then good use of it).

The Armour looks very cool, even the new Black/Gold that can look like a bumblebee in the wrong hands.

Bad Stuff: Greg Land.

Seriously, I know it’s been mentioned in Sesana’s Reviewand Sam’s Review, but Land CANNOT draw Tony Stark. Or women. He can draw A single woman, but there’s no way to vary other than hair colour (and he isn’t the colourist, so technically he doesn’t do different).

I look at “Tony Stark” and I’m just like


So there’s enough to like, but not LOVE, and there’s enough to dislike, but not HATE.

The book is a self-contained story though, which is good, and leads Tony to a conclusion about who he is/what he needs to do, which sets up the 2nd volume. (That I happened to read right afterwards).

Space Armour!!! Guardians of the Galaxy Space Armour!!

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