Review: Absolute Planetary

Absolute Planetary (Planetary, #1 - #4)Absolute Planetary by Warren Ellis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great read. Not really an Ellis or Cassaday fan, but this was something special. Different than what I expected in a good way. I am something of a blue collar geek and was afraid this might lean more towards a “Grant Morrison” or “Alan Moore” type of story. While both of them have written some classic stuff, I’m just not smart enough to get some of their work. Ellis’s universe is smart without being overly obscure, confusing, or wordy and anyone with a general knowledge of pop culture will see the obvious nods to past genres or characters. Great new characters too. And the way Ellis tied the individual issues into one story towards the end was awesome. Cassaday has also won me over as his art was some of the best I’ve seen him do. Bought this based on the numerous recommendations read on Goodreads and was not disappointed. The Omnibus contains the entire series including the JLA, Batman, and Authority crossovers in one beautiful book. I didn’t feel the crossovers were as great as the series itself, but was glad that DC collected them here as part of book.


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