Review: High Moon Vol. 1

High Moon Vol. 1High Moon Vol. 1 by David Gallaher

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I picked up this Zuda Comic’s monthly online competition winner after reading a review describing it as being a mash-up of Stephen King and Sergio Leone. I enjoyed American Vampire, so I thought I would give this one a try.


Not quite what I hoped for. David Gallaher’s writing was not to my taste. I actually re-read portions of this to make sure I didn’t miss something (I didn’t) and it still struggled to make sense at times. It felt like I was picking up volume 2 of a story where volume 1 introduced all the key players and had already filled me in on who they were and why I should give a shit.


What I did really like was Steve Ellis’s beautiful illustrations. It appears he drew, inked, and colored all his own work and it’s really cool. His werewolves and vampires were SICK. Loved the spider-eyes thing all his vampires had. His other character designs were pretty cool too. Especially the steam-punk looking cowboy, Tristan. But, Ellis’s pages didn’t always flow and it was hard to make sense of the action at times. Whether this was Ellis artwork or Gallaher’s writing, I’m not sure, but it ultimately hurt a book I really wanted to enjoy.

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6 thoughts on “Review: High Moon Vol. 1

  1. Easy for me to be critical of your writing considering I can barely squeeze out a middling book review. I’m the kind of reader that needs alotta captions. That said, your living my dream getting paid to be creative. I wish you the best of luck with future projects and would certainly consider picking up a follow up to this book, or some other project, in the hopes that I might like it more.


  2. HIGH MOON was styled in the model of GUNSMOKE, heavy on mood, light on purple prose.I’d suggest trying to read it on a tablet or on the web at The first issue is free. Blown up and backlit, it some of the subtle details might make a lot more sense.

    If you prefer a lot of captions I strongly suggest DEADLANDS: THE DEVIL’S SIX GUN or THE ONLY LIVING BOY. Deadlands is available on Comixology or in comic shops. THE ONLY LIVING BOY is available for free here:

    Again, thanks for taking the time to read it.

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  3. Thanks. I’ll definitely check them both out. I really liked the brothers and would be interested in Matthew’s history if there were going to be a prequel of sorts down the road. He hooked me with the Eastwood vibe he put out. I really wanted to know more about him. And then the thing with Eddie and I was confused as to why he “took over”. I dug Tristan too. I thought the Tesla connection was interesting and warranted more explanation. Maybe this is just something that was going to be addressed later in the series. Are you still going to be putting out more stuff with the High Moon characters or is that series over with issue 12?


  4. Thank you. We have more planned (which we’ll be announcing soon)… there are some areas want to punch up when the book is re-printed, but yes — Matthew’s origin, along with why Conroy took over were all part are things we were unraveling in Issues 13-15, but the imprint was cancelled before we got to tell that story. At the time, we had the luxury of drawing our the story, which we were trying to take advantage of.


    • Sad. That would probably have answered some of the questions that the first volume left me with. This is one of the reasons I love and hate Jonathan Hickman. He takes his sweet time getting to his point. Usually it pays off, but instant gratification and shit. You get spoiled in today’s society. I hope down the road you guys get a chance to return to this story and especially Matt and his tartan. Anything that reminds me of Eastwood is the shit. In the meantime I will have to check out Deadlands and The Only Living Boy.


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