Review: Captain America – No Escape


Writer: Ed Brubaker  Artists:  Butch Guice, Mitch Breitweiser

Four stars!

Bucky Barnes doesn’t get any respect; not before he was miraculously brought back into Marvel continuity* or now from the petty villain, Baron Zemo, Junior.

It seems that Junior doesn’t appreciate the fact that Bucky, a man with a less than scrupulous past, should take over the mantle of Mr. Red, White and Blue himself, Captain America.  It doesn’t matter that Steve Rogers/Captain America wanted it this way, Junior still just wants to perpetuate the hate that dear old dad, Baron Zemo, Senior started.

Junior goes to great lengths to make Bucky/Cap’s life miserable, including calling in favors from old Nazis (yes, they’re still around), lady Beetles and villains embedded as heroes.

Brubaker’s resurrection of Captain America is nothing short of miraculous.  To put this into perspective, check out some of Captain America’s old, crappy villains from the 1980’s and ‘90’s – Slug (he’s fat), Doughboy (he’s very fat), the Coney Island Cruisers, Ameridroid, Armadillo (half man-half um Armadillo), the Armless Tiger Man (okay, I’ll stop) Turner D. Century (I lied.  One more), Porcupine.  Whew

Who knows, Marvel’s cinema future could take a page from the Bucky as Cap storyline?

*The fan boy in-joke was that there were two Marvel characters that would/could never get resurrected:  Bucky and Uncle Ben.  Bucky because he was kind of lame as Captain America’s World War II side kick (hell, they brought Toro back) and Uncle Ben because who the hell wants him back.


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