Review: Justice League: Trinity War

Justice League: Trinity WarJustice League: Trinity War by Geoff Johns

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Picked up Trinity War on a recommendation after posting an interest in Forever Evil. I can see why this is probably required reading for anybody interested in trying on John’s next big book. This does come off a little like an extended prologue to Geoff’s Forever Evil. Have a few friends (Anne’s review , Mike’s review) with dramatically different opinions about this one and I sort of fall in the middle I guess.

I wasn’t sold on Pandora. She is a central figure in this one and I just never bought into her or her curse. I feel like Johns, Lemire, and Fawkes could have put this together somehow without needing to introduce a new character. The “magic” thing has just never really done it for me. A little here and there is just fine, but it’s really a big part of this collection. Probably why this version of the Question bugged me too. Not enough Rorshach and too much Harry Potter in his back story. Could have done without the trip to Heaven or purgatory or whatever. Again with the magic, spirits, and angels. I like Constantine. Just not mixed with my Batman. This is why I never had an interest in the Justice League Dark title. I was also a little unclear as to why everybody wanted to kick each other’s ass at the end. I was never really sure if it was me or that the time line between the different titles collected was disjointed and didn’t flow smoothly.

I did like seeing Superman lose it. The back and forth between Waller’s League and the original League amused. For some reason this collection reminded me of Identity Crisis (which I liked) at times. Maybe because of the mystery angle or the big reveal at the end. Despite not being a “magic” fan, it was fun seeing Shazam and Constantine hanging out together at a bar. Diana and Steve’s awkward ” we’re ex’s” exchange. This one definitely had a couple of moments I enjoyed. I also liked most of the artwork in this one too. Ivan Reis and Doug Mahnke put together some good stuff here.


I have to say it pulled together for me at the very end and left me excited to check out Forever Evil. I really think that this was the intent from the beginning of this story. I just think they could have done this without this mammoth crossover, confusing story, and the Trinity of Sin stuff. This is a case where less probably would have been more for me.

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