Review: All Star Western, Vol. 1: Guns and Gotham by Justin Gray

All Star Western, Vol. 1: Guns and GothamAll Star Western, Vol. 1: Guns and Gotham by Justin Gray

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Jonah Hex aka The Sexiest Man Alive.


Well, I didn’t hate it.
And I really thought I would, because Westerns are soooo not my thing.

I don’t wish I could travel back in time and be a gunslinger in the Old West.
I don’t fantasize about riding a dusty unwashed cowboy into the sunset.
And I don’t want to go have a drink in some establishment called Saloon.
Hell, I don’t even like horses! They’re expensive, time consuming, and every time you turn around those fragile bastards are sick or hurt.

I see a lot of my friends weren’t too enamoured with this one, but I think they’d been reading the previous run of Jonah Hex, and just didn’t like the direction this one had taken.
I’m a Jonah Hex virgin.
Ok, that’s not entirely true, but I’ve only been to (at best) second base with this guy. There was an All Star Western issue in one of the volumes of Batman, that had something to do with a Court of Owls crossover. It made little sense to me at the time, and I dismissed it as yet another New 52 fuck-up.

Alrighty, I’m going to admit something…and you’re going to promise not to laugh.
I thought Jonah Hex was some sort of gun-slinging wizard.
I mean, Hex, right?
But it turns out he’s just really good at tracking down bad guys, and then shooting them in the head.
So. No magic.
He’s kind of like Batman. You know, except he doesn’t have any prejudice against guns, and he’s horribly disfigured.
Though there was a surprising amount of supernatural stuff in this, considering the poor bastard can’t cast a spell.

If the cover didn’t give it away, this is set in Gotham. And Hex ends up getting partnered up with Amadeus Arkham, who’s the town’s resident psychological profiler…of sorts.
There’s quite a few foreshadowing links to the Court of Owls stuff, while these two try to catch a serial killer…and then try to break up a child slavery ring.

The last two issues in the volume introduce El Diablo and the Barbary Ghost.
El Diablo is some sort of Shaman guy that got cursed, and now has a demon living inside him. And the Barabary Ghost is an a chick who uses her ninja skills and fireworks to avenge her family.

All in all, it wasn’t bad. In fact, I liked it enough to request the second volume from my library.

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