Review: Batwing Vol. 3, by Fabian Nicienza & Judd Winick

Batwing, Vol. 3: Enemy of the StateBatwing, Vol. 3: Enemy of the State by Judd Winick
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Well I’m having a shitty run of luck right now, but then again, I willingly read a 3rd Batwing TPB, with diminishing returns each time.

This one was OK with the Winick issues (first few) but WAY worse with Fabian Nicieza (the rest).

I feel like someone told him his time was up (there’s a NEW Batwing now, nothing to do with this David African fella) and he decided, well forget this. Pretty much everything that can go wrong does, just a spiral out of control for our ‘hero’ who’s already thrown a man in a jet into a mountain and killed him (it did save others, but still). He also keeps talking about how he should go back to killing, like before the Batman bother of not killing. He’s also fighting a villain who’s just some sorta voodoo type and it’s so bullshit I’m like Bitch please. This is stupid.

The dialogue comes across like it was written by someone who doesn’t understand humour, plot, keeping people interested, continuity, or language.

This is the entirety of the comic relief in this DARK GRITTY/SHITTY book is as follows:

Bad Guy: How much more will that cost me?
Sky Pirate: A buck or two, give or take.
Bad Guy: Give or take what?
Sky Pirate: A lot more bucks than a buck or two.

To the fine folks at DC, who brought us this:


Mic Drop.

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