Review: Uber, Vol.1 – by. Kieron Gillen

Uber, Volume 1Uber, Volume 1 by Kieron Gillen
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Ugh. Well that was an unpleasant chore.

When your first line of review includes that much negativity, what do you think it means?

Here is the whole book: Nazi Ubermensch Project actually works, produces superhumans. They literally tear millions apart, even so bad that Nazi Generals talk about what a horrid war-crime it is. Hitler doesn’t end up killing himself, and comes back to be just as terrible and stupid as we’re lead to see here.

A spy, of course, brings the formula to Churchill and the allies, to make Allied Ubermen (called HMHs – His Majesty’s Humans) and of course, the first one is a Yank! Who doesn’t even like the King! But he likes to fuck the ladies, and keeps trying to get with the spy chick.

It’s grisly, violent, overly so, and not in a cartoon fashion, like Darrick Robertson would do, but in yuck I feel ill sort of way.

The artist is talented, but the story is so depressing and gross, there’s no redeeming qualities.

Hell…(view spoiler)

Throw in that one of the Ubermensch(es) is a woman, and it’s pretty much narrowed the field to Nazi-Fetish, Grisly-Porn. So there’s like a handful of guys on the internet who have this as a wet dream…no thanks, not me.


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