Review: Suicide Risk Vol. 3

Suicide Risk Vol. 3

by Mike Carey (Goodreads Author), Elena Casagrande (Illustrations)

4 out of 5 stars

Carey continues to peel back the layers of his story with Suicide Risk Vol. 3. I drew comparisons to Powers and Incognito in past reviews, and while I still feel they’re pretty accurate comparisons, Carey is really starting to make this something a little more unique.

Much like the last collection, the first issue in the trade is an origin tale of sorts. It explains what’s up with Jed, Hailey, and their P-wand. (Heh, P-wand. Sounds like it should be shaped like a dong and take a couple of D batteries. It isn’t and it doesn’t.) This chapter also gives a little more insight into why the P-wand only works for some people and not others. The Guardians (not “of the galaxy”) also show up and they’re not playin’. Jorge Coelho provides the art and it’s decent.


The rest of the collection picks up with Leo/Requiem and his personal identity crisis. Dr.Maybe makes a house-call and spends some couch time with Leo/Requiem to help him sort all this out. It’s not quite clear just yet what the Dr.’s angle is in all this and I, for one, don’t trust him. His involvement provides more details as to who the super-powered people are and what their deal is. This is the part where Carey gets credit for taking the series in a different direction than I expected. He also has me second guessing as to who the heroes and the villains are at this point. So now I’m REALLY fuckin’ interested in the next book. And, similar to the last collection, Carey ends this one on a cliff-hanger. Elena Casagrande and Andrew Elder (colorist) continue to provide the illustrations for the main storyline in this trade. Still really liking what their putting out.


So the long wait for the next trade begins. If you liked the first 2 volumes(Suicide Risk Vol. 1 and Suicide Risk Vol. 2), do yourself a favor and pick up Suicide Risk Vol. 3 because shit is getting REAL.

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