Review: Suicide Risk Vol. 2

Suicide Risk Vol. 2

by Mike Carey (Goodreads Author)

4 out of 5 stars

Mike Carey really amps it the hell up in Suicide Risk Vol 2. I had a suspicion towards the end of the Suicide Risk Vol. 1 I was gonna like this one and I do. This volume contains issues 5 through 9 and is a really quick read.

The first issue contained is an origin tale for a new character in the story named Ada. Joelle Jones handled the art chores in this one and I likey. I’m sure Ada’s gonna end up being real important later in the story. The next 4 issues focused on our “hero”, Leo Winters, and the mess he’s got himself into down in Central America. Surrounded by baddies and with his back against the wall, he’s gonna have to come up with something special to pull his ass outta this fire. Carey is doing a really good job in getting me on board with Leo and I’m getting more and more interested in where he’s going with this title now. The last issue in this one is, as Kat would say, AMAZBALLS. Did I spell that right Kat?


Elena Casagrande and Joelle Jones both do nice work with the art and it’s pretty good. I also give a shout out to Andrew Elder (colorist) and his contribution to the series. He color work is pretty bad-ass.


If you liked Suicide Risk Vol. 1 you’re gonna like Suicide Risk Vol 2. Carey has me by the short and curlys and aint lettin go anytime soon. This book just seems to be getting better and better.

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