Review: Suicide Risk Vol. 1

Suicide Risk Vol. 1

by Mike Carey (Goodreads Author), Elena Casagrande (Artist)

3 out of 5 stars

Suicide Risk is an interesting mix of Brian Bendis’s Powers and Ed Brubaker’s Incognito set in Mark Millar’s MillarWorld universe. I don’t think that makes this book as original an idea as some of the other reviewers on Goodreads seem to think it is. However, this does make Suicide Risk a reasonably satisfying cocktail consisting of a few of my favorite comic series and themes.

Mark Carey establishes the groundwork for his new series in this collection of Suicide Risk issues 1 through 4. It follows a “normal” cop, Leo Winters, as he looks to get payback from a bunch of super-powered villains that done him wrong. This takes him down an unexpected road that leads deeper into where these supervillains came from and forces him to take a look into his own clouded past. Not wanting to give too much away, I’ll leave it at that. Carey is taking his time laying the foundation for his world in this collection and it took me a couple issues to really buy in. This one certainly picks up towards the end and concludes with a cliff-hanger, so I’m definitely curious to see where Carey is going with this series.


Elena Casagrande is completely new to me and she does a good job. Her art suits the series well and I liked it more as the book went on.


Suicide Risk is probably a safe bet for Powers or Incognito fans. The series is fairly fast paced with enough action to keep it humming along nicely. Now that Carey has completed the required underpinning, I’m pretty confident I’m going to dig Suicide Risk Vol. 2 even more than the first one.

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