Review: The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 6: Goblin Nation

The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 6: Goblin NationThe Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 6: Goblin Nation by Dan Slott

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Huh. I guess, like the finale of most of my favorite stories, the ending to The Superior Spider-Man was just ok. I’m not sure whether or not it was Christos Gage’s influence, the lack of some of my favorite artists from earlier collections, or just the fact that one of the best comic stories of recent years was coming to an end. But what a great ride getting here.  Be warned, a couple of potential SPOILERS contained below.  Just sayin.

What I liked. Goblins everywhere. The Goblin King finally unveils his plot to destroy the Superior Spider-Man, gives Octo-Spidey an earful as to what’s up his narrow, green ass, and turns NYC into Goblin Nation. I really enjoyed the Goblin King fucking with Otto. Showing him that he’s not as superior as he may have thought. “The Schnoz” also had a pretty surprising moment in this one too.

J.Jonah finally snaps after being tormented by Spidey for the past couple of volumes and it turns into a real shit-show for the city of New York. MJ takes the bull by the horns rather than sitting back and playing the traditional damsel in distress role she has a thousand times before. And portions of the inevitable standoff between Otto and Peter were pretty cool.


Giuseppe Camuncoli provides the best artwork of the illustrators present in this one. It’s unfortunate that Ramos and Stegman weren’t around, but you can’t win’em all.


I didn’t care for a couple of things. The Annual (#2) that was included was weak. I just didn’t think it was well written, that important to the overall story, and it was really flaccid in the artwork department. Especially following Ramos’s stunning stuff in The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 5: The Superior Venom . A couple of the dialogues between Otto and Peter, as well as a few other places, were sort of cliché. The final moments following the big throw-down seemed rushed and certainly weren’t highlights.  Liz Allan’s whoops “I just tensed up” was waaay dumb.  The old “exit stage left” routine was lame.  And who the fuck is Mason Banks?  And of course, I’m super sad to see this terrific storyline come to a close.

Overall though, I thought that Superior Spider-Man has been a FUCKING BLAST and every comic fan out there is depriving themselves of what is ultimately a top-notch story if they pass this one by. Spider-Man fan or not, READ THIS SHIT! I doubt you’ll be disappointed with Slott’s tale told in its entirety.

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