Review: Superior Foes of SpiderMan

Writer:  Nick Spencer

Artist:  Steve Lieber

WHAT: Super Villains Anonymous

WHERE: Our Lady of Saint Anna Dutch Reformed Church, 7609 Bay Ridge Ave. Brooklyn

WHEN: Sundays, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Bob: Hi, my name is Bob. I’m a reformed super villain.

The group: Hi Bob!

Bob: I was once First Cobra Lieutenant of H.Y.D.R.A. Hail, Hyd… Sorry, old habits die hard. Heh. Yeah, well, my doctor said I had to give up the dream after my eighth concussion. Blurry vision, headaches, short term memory loss… (long pause) Hi, my name is Bob. I’m a reformed super villain. I figured getting kicked in the nuts for the tenth time by Black Widow because I was distracted by her cleavage or getting my jaw broken for the fifth time by Captain America – it didn’t matter which version of Cap – or getting zapped by a Thor lightning bolt…. – Don’t let anyone kid you, the hair never grows back. Anyone here ever get hit in the head by Cap’s shield. Show of hands. Lights out! Am I Right? Any way, working for H.Y.D.R.A, even though the vision plan is excellent and you do get a Life Model Decoy of Tigra after five years, it just got to be more than I bargained. First, we’re not all Nazis, second, those science geeks in A.I.M transport us to the Negative Zone for kicks, Third…. (pause) Hi, my name is Bob. Hail, Hyd… Oh! …. (heads for the coffee and donut table)

The group: Thanks for sharing, Bob.

The real (let’s be polite and call it a) review:

Big, sweaty, hippo man-boobs and much more as we take a look at the sad, pathetic life of one Fred Myers aka The Boomerang.

This is the Sinister Six Five Four without any of the usual heavyweight thinkers or sluggers, just a bunch of schlubs led by the aforementioned Boomerang. Sure the life of a super villain is hard, but, and I misquote John Wayne, it’s harder if you’re stupid.

This is laugh out loud funny and highly recommended.

Kids, stay in school and don’t do drugs.


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