Review: Dead Body Road

Dead Body Road

by Justin Jordan, Matteo Scalera (Illustrator), Moreno Dinisio (Colorist)

My Review: 4 out of 5 stars

A fast paced barrage of bullet-ridden car chases and bloody carnage. Justin Jordan serves up my cup of tea with this vengeful tale. Wonderful in its simplicity, Jordan pays tribute to noir works of Stark, Leonard, and Thompson with this remorseless delight. Jordan’s hardboiled dialogue is perfectly suited for this type of revenge story. Love his small cast of characters and the ways in which he eventually massacres most of them.


And Matteo Scalera’s artwork is in one word, kinetic. His car chases have real motion, a task not easy to accomplish with comic book illustrations. Whether it’s with a shotgun, fireman’s axe, or a pipe-bomb, he really nails the violence necessary to tell Jordan’s callous story of personal retribution. I will certainly be looking into some of his other projects after reading this.

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