Review: S.H.I.E.L.D.: Architects of Forever by Jonathan Hickman, Dustin Weaver


2.5 stars

I’m sorry, but this just didn’t do it for me.
The artwork was stunning, though! Beautiful!
Really, I would have read it just to look at the purdy pages.

But as far as the actual story goes?
Nah. It wasn’t something that interested me. The idea was really cool, but the execution was slow, confusing, and ultimately boring.
And considering this was a slim volume with such nice artwork, I’m sort of surprised.

The concept is this:
The greatest minds have always been in the background of our world, protecting us from the unseen threats of the universe.
Da Vinci, Galileo, Newton, Tesla, Michelangelo, etc…
The story contains images of the past, present, and future showing the reader how everything has unfolded over the ages, through the eyes of…Starboy?
He’s made up of (what looks like) stars, and his origin is still not totally understood, even to himself.

Much of the story was simply too trippy for me, I’m afraid. I liked Starboy (or whatever his name was), but the rest of the cast of characters were too silly for me to take seriously.
And they weren’t meant to be silly.
There were supposed to be all impressive and amazing.
For whatever reason, I found myself rolling my eyes at the idea of these dudes having all of this knowledge, and making all of these grand gestures.
However, most of my friends loved this.
I’m thinking it’s a case of It’s not you, it’s me, and not that this book just flat-out sucks.


Anne (1)


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