Review: Incredible Hulk by Jason Aaron, vol 2

Incredible Hulk by Jason Aaron, Volume 2Incredible Hulk by Jason Aaron, Volume 2 by Jason Aaron

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love the rotating artists during the hunt for whatever Banner is up to. And I liked what Palo brought to this beautiful, rock-your-funny-organ story.

The .1 issue is the funniest shit I’ve read in a long time. Great to see the Aaron I fell in love with from the best Wolverine and the X-Men. Where does he get this off-the-wall imagination? How can I steal some of it? Will any of you come with me to hold him down while I squeeze his precious bits and collect the honeyed imagination juices out of him? Let me bring a terrible oversized toothpaste tube squeegee, and thread his feet through it, so his head eventually splodies with the grotunditude of his imaginariuous granddarium.

Cool little mystery and chase across the globe Hulk has on his brain-bursting hands: what if he was trying to keep Banner from taking over and being the completely insane psychopath he’s recently learned to become? Colour me…schadenfreude green.

This time Aaron’s gone and taken the deepest dive off the deep end. Dog men, redneck Atlanteans, silliness and wanton destruction around every dark corner of what’s left of his brain.

There’s a certain Nextwave flavour to all this. Aside from the serious talking to between Banner and Hulk, the mayhem and destruction has a gleeful, madcap twist that is far too much fun for an authorized Big Two book.

And at the last minute, I realized this series was Aaron’s version of Punisher MAX for our Hulkie – a deep examination of the psyche, the life history and the outcome of all that was Dr. Bruce Banner, cloaked in the acting-out persona of the Hulk.

It’s a beautiful thing, when creators such as Aaron, Slott or Waid get ahold of a great character and really get inside them. When Aaron wears a character like a Norman Bates suit, you really get to know what’s real about them, what’s the center of the fun pop. This one’s a chewy morsel: how is Hulk both the worst and the best thing to happen to Banner?

Five out of five hulk hands – would smash again.


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